M. Newland

Queen City Foundation guided me through invaluable experiences at Bethany School and The Seven Hills School. I remain grateful for all of the lessons learned through their support, two of which have significantly shaped my value system.

There is a school where one can reach his or her full potential—it just may not be close by. Commuting through neighborhoods, multiple school districts, and highways to get to school was a process naturalized into my everyday life. Socializing with students from different areas of Cincinnati taught me how to maintain relationships across great distance. While uncritically participating in a metropolitan approach to academic and social life through high school, I now appreciate knowing that worthwhile people and places sometimes merit travel. Queen City Foundation supported me through opera study in Italy when my passion for music performance and scholarship merged in college. Above and beyond the scope of their vision, the Foundation admirably demonstrated a locally minded, globally aware finesse.

Difference is to be celebrated. I was in the racial minority at school and encountered the challenges of racial representation and identity. Knowing that I was not alone, but a member of a group of other[pullquote_right]Difference is to be celebrated[/pullquote_right] students who were facing the same challenges gave me a sense of belonging and pride. These positive effects were encouraged by the Foundation’s support of a forum where we, the entire Seven Hills Upper School and R.A.I.S.E. students, discussed how to handle racial discrimination in professional arenas with Bari-Ellen Roberts, the lead plaintiff of the Texaco racial discrimination class action lawsuit.

Thank you for these lessons, Queen City Foundation. Here’s to your continued success.

Marti Newland

Ph.D. Candidate in Music, Columbia University

The Seven Hills School, Class of 1998

Bethany School, Class of 1994

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